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What Is The Production Music Academy? 

The Production Music Academy is a thriving community network exclusively for composers and music producers. Our focus is on helping members optimize their music for licensing opportunities while also providing them with the tools and knowledge to unlock their full career potential. Join us to build essential skills, expand your opportunities, and be part of a supportive community dedicated to your success in the music industry. 

Why Join This Community?

This community offers a wealth of opportunities for growth and collaboration. As a member, you are encouraged to share your compositions and seek valuable feedback from fellow community members. You'll have the opportunity to network with like-minded composers from all over the world and foster meaningful connections and potential partnerships. You'll be able to engage in captivating discussions and immerse yourself in the industry's latest trends.

The heart of our community lies in the genuine warmth and support provided by its members. A welcoming atmosphere awaits, filled with super friendly and patient individuals who share a common passion. Together, we believe in the power of knowledge sharing and the spirit of helping others. With each other's guidance and support, we become stronger, more accomplished creators.

So, if you're ready to take the next step on your creative journey, come and claim your seat at the table. The Production Music Academy embraces diversity and welcomes everyone. There's ample room for all to thrive and flourish. Let the camaraderie of this exceptional community inspire you as you unlock your true potential.

What Do You Get With Membership?


Apprentice level membership will grant you access to all topic spaces which includes everything from community discussion and feedback privileges to track breakdowns, composing livestreams, academy MIDI packs and insightful videos on music production tips and career insights. You’ll also be able to participate in the monthly challenges and I’ll share and provide feedback on your submissions live on my YouTube channel! 


Our master tier is for the student who wants to go the distance and deeply understand the process of creating music in a wide range of styles and genres. This tier includes everything in the apprentice tier and also includes personalized feedback, and access to all past and future course content. Currently there are more than a dozen production courses and there's more on the way! 

Meet Your Instructor, Steven Beddall

The Production Music Academy is hosted by music producer, YouTuber, performer and educator Steven Beddall. From performing at some of North America’s most prominent music festivals (Coachella, Pemberton, Osheaga) to composing music for award winning filmmakers (Larry Kent, Darcy Turenne) he’s firmly established a reputation as a multi talented composer capable of producing compelling and exciting music in a variety of different genres and styles. His music has been downloaded by thousands of content creators, placed on major broadcasting networks, and has been commissioned by Google, Patagonia, Yeti and countless other globally recognized brands. 


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Dive into the world of music libraries and the licensing landscape, as we guide you through the application and research process. Explore the intricacies of performance royalties and gain the expertise to craft captivating songs that will truly shine in the competitive licensing marketplace. This course is your key to unlocking a wealth of knowledge and empowering yourself to thrive in the dynamic world of music licensing, and it's free! 

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